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Exam Number/Code: 1Y0-230
Exam name: Citrix NetScaler 12 Essentials and Unified Gateway
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Citrix Certification

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Scenario: A NetScaler is configured with the following modes:
-MAC-based Forwarding
-Layer 3 mode
A Citrix Administrator configured a new router and now requires some of the incoming and outgoing traffic to take different paths through the new router. However, the administrator notices that this is failing and takes a network trace. After a short monitoring period, the administrator notices that the packets are still NOT getting to the new router from the NetScaler.
Which mode should the administrator disable on the NetScaler to facilitate the addition of the new router and successfully route the packets?

  • A. MAC-based Forwarding
  • B. USIP
  • C. Layer 3 mode
  • D. USNIP

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator entered the command-line interface commands below to prevent IP address 10.10.100 from accessing the NetScaler on port 80.
add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP –TTL 600 add simpleacl rule2 DENY- srcIP –destPort 80 add ns acl rule1 DENY- srcIP 10
add ns acl rule2 DENY- srcIP 100 apply ns acls
Which Access Control List (ACL) will the NetScaler use to deny the IP address?

  • A. add ns acl rule1 DENY-srcIP 10
  • B. add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP –TTL 600
  • C. add simpleacl rule2 DENY- srcIP –destPort 80
  • D. add ns acl rule2 DENY- srcIP 100

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server in order to meet the security requirements of the organization. The administrator needs to configure timeouts for end-user sessions, to be triggered by the following behaviors:
-Inactivity for at least 15 minutes
-No keyboard or mouse activity for at least 15 minutes
Which two timeout settings can the administrator configure to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Client Idle Time-out set to 15
  • B. Forced Time-out set to 15
  • C. Client Idle Time-out set to 900
  • D. Session Time-out set to 15
  • E. Session Time-out set to 900
  • F. Forced Time-out set to 900

Answer: CE

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator suspects an attack on a load-balancing virtual server. The administrator needs to restrict access to the load-balancing virtual server ( for 10 minutes.
Which Access Control List (ACL) will help to accomplish this requirement?

  • A. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP TTL 600000
  • B. add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP TTL 600
  • C. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP TTL 600
  • D. add simpleacl rule1 DENY- srcIP TTL 600000

Answer: C

Which type of NetScaler Service Monitor can a Citrix Administrator use to test a three-way handshake between the NetScaler and the back-end server?

  • A. UDP
  • B. PING
  • C. TCP
  • D. LDAP

Answer: C

In which two ways can a Citrix Administrator configure SmartAccess? (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable Workspace Control within StoreFront.
  • B. Update XML Service Trust to set-BrokerSite-TrustRequestsSentToTheXMLServicePort $True
  • C. Update the XML Service trust in the XenDesktop database manually.
  • D. Ensure that the SmartAccess filter name on the Delivery Group matches the NetScaler Gateway policies.

Answer: BD

Which two components need to be configured for SmartAccess? (Choose two.)

  • A. Configuration logging
  • B. XenDesktop policies
  • C. XML Trust
  • D. StoreFront server groups

Answer: CD

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages an environment that has an externally accessible website. The administrator would like to provide end-to-end encryption and use features such as caching and compression on the NetScaler.
Which setting in SSL offload should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

  • A. SSL_TCP front-end, TCP back-end
  • B. SSL front-end, HTTP back-end
  • C. SSL_TCP front-end, SSL_TCP back-end
  • D. SSL front-end, SSL back-end

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured SNMP to send traps to an external SNMP system. When reviewing the messages, the administrator noticed several entity UP and entity DOWN messages.
To what are these messages related?

  • A. High availability synchronization
  • B. Load balancing virtual servers
  • C. High availability heartbeats
  • D. Network interface

Answer: B

Scenario: A Cirtix Administrator is configuring a new Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) virtual server, and the status is DOWN. The administrator has made the following configurations:
Add lbvserver lb_vsrv_www HTTP persistenceType NONOE –cltTimeout 180- authn401 ON –authnVsName SAML_SP
Bind vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Red_srv Bind lb vserver lb_vsrv_www_ssl Blue_srv
Add authentication vserver SAML_SP SSL AuthenticationDomain citrix.lab How can the administrator finish the installation to change the status of the virtual server to UP?

  • A. Bind the Certificate to the virtual server SAML_SP.
  • B. The LDAP server is NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.
  • C. Services are NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.
  • D. An AAA policy is NOT bound to the virtual server SAML_SP.

Answer: B

Which type of entity can a Citrix Administrator configure to support the use of an SSL rewrite policy?

  • A. Global server load balancing virtual server
  • B. Content Switching virtual server
  • C. SSL load balancing virtual server
  • D. SSL_Bridge balancing virtual server

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator receives complaints from some users that authentication for the NetScaler Gateway site fails.
Which tool can the administrator use to find data regarding time of failure and a list of users facing this issue?

  • A. Gateway Insight
  • B. Security Insight
  • C. Web Insight
  • D. HDX Insight

Answer: D

Which three Unified Gateway elements can be configured by the Unified Gateway Wizard? (Choose three.)

  • A. Responder policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • B. A primary and any optional secondary authentication configuration
  • C. The Unified Gateway primary virtual server
  • D. Rewrite policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • E. An SSL Server Certificate for the Unified Gateway virtual server

Answer: BCE

Users are experiencing resets form the Intranet server website, which is load-balanced trough the NetScaler. Which NetScaler tool can a Citrix Administrator use to troubleshoot the reset issue?

  • A. Take a packet trace with nstrace and analyze with WireShartk.
  • B. Look in the Event Viewer for packet resets from the NetScaler.
  • C. View the new nslog form the command-line interface to look for packet resets form the NetScaler.
  • D. Use the nslog to look for packet resets on the NetScaler.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is managing a NetScaler SDX running eight NetScaler instances. The administrator first needs to upgrade the firmware on the instances. However, the administrator is concerned that it needs to be done all at once.
What upgrading flexibility does SDX provide in this scenario?

  • A. The NetScaler instance can be upgraded at the SDX management level, allowing all instances to be upgraded at once.
  • B. The NetScaler instances have to be upgraded at the same time.
  • C. The NetScaler instance can be upgraded on an individual basis, allowing all instances to run different firmware versions.
  • D. It is NOT possible to upgrade the NetScaler instances to different firmware versions.

Answer: A

Scenario: A NetScaler has two interfaces as 1/1 and 1/2 with MAC-based Forwarding enabled. Below are the specifications:
-Interface 1/1 and IP is bound to VLAN 10.
-On Interface 1/2 VLAN 20 and VLAN 30 are tagged.
-VLAN 20 is bound to IP and VLAN 30 is bound to The NetScaler receives a packet for VIP on interface 1/1.
Which interface of NetScaler will send a reply back in this environment?

  • A. Interface 1/1
  • B. NetScaler will drop the packet received on interface 1/1
  • C. Interface 1/2
  • D. Netscaler will reply on interfaces 1/1 and 1/2

Answer: D

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