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Exam Number/Code: 300-101
Exam name: ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing
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Certification: Cisco Certification

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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Refer to Exhibit:

Which three NTP features can be deduced on the router? (choose three)

A. only accepts time requests from

B. only handle four requests at a time

C. only is in stratum 4

D. only updates its time from

E. only accepts time requests from

F. only updates its time from

Answer: A,C,F

New Questions 3

How should a router that is being used in a Frame Relay network be configured to keep split horizon issues from preventing routing updates?

A. Configure a separate subinterface for each PVC with a unique DLCI and subnet assigned to the


B. Configure each Frame Relay circuit as a point-to-point line to support multicast and broadcast traffic.

C. Configure many subinterfaces in the same subnet.

D. Configure a single subinterface to establish multiple PVC connections to multiple remote router interfaces.

Answer: A

Explanation: EXPLANATION

If you have a serial port configured with multiple DLCIs connected to multiple remote sites, split horizon rules, stop route updates received on an interface from being sent out the same interface. By creating subinterfaces for each PVC, you can avoid the split horizon issues when using Frame Relay. networks/015004

New Questions 4

Refer to the Exhibit.

What is the correct configuration to enable router P4 to exchange RIP routing updates with router P1 but not with router P3?

A. P4(Config)# interface fa0/0P4(Config-if)# neighbor passive- interface fa0/0

B. P4(config)# router ripP4(config-router)#neighbor router)#passive-interface fa0/0

C. P4(config)# interface fa0/0P4(config-if)# neighbor passive interface192.168.10.34

D. P4(config)# router ripP4(config-router)# neighbor no broadcastP4(config- router)# passive-interface fa0/0

Answer: B


When you configure router P1 to be the nieghtobr of P4 with a passive interface, the RIP routing updates will be exchanged with the neighbor only.

New Questions 5

A network engineer has configured a tracking object to monitor the reachability of IP SLA 1. In order to update the next hop for the interesting traffic, which feature must be used in conjunction with the newly created tracking object to manipulate the traffic flow as required?







Answer: B

New Questions 6

Which PPP authentication method sends authentication information in cleartext?





Answer: D

New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer executes the show ipv6 ospf database command and is presented with the output that is shown. Which flooding scope is referenced in the link-state type?

A. link-local

B. area

C. As (OSPF domain)

D. reserved

Answer: B

New Questions 8

Which IPv6 address type is seen as the next-hop address in the output of the show ipv6 rip RIPng database command?

A. link-local

B. global

C. site-local

D. anycast

E. multicast

Answer: A

New Questions 9

Other than a working EIGRP configuration, which option must be the same on all routers for EIGRP authentication key role over to work correctly?



C. Passwords

D. Time

Answer: C

New Questions 10

Refer to the exhibit.

Based upon the configuration, you need to understand why the policy routing match counts are not increasing. Which would be the first logical step to take?

A. Confirm if there are other problematic route-map statements that precede divert.

B. Check the access list for log hits.

C. Check the routing table for

D. Remove any two of the set clauses. (Multiple set clause entries will cause PBR to use the routing table.)

Answer: B

Explanation: Explanation

First we should check the access-list log, if the hit count does not increase then no packets are matched the access-list -> the policy based routing match counts will not increase.

New Questions 11

In IPv6, the interfaces running OSPF can be configured with multiple address prefixes.

Which statement is true about the IPv6 addresses that can be included into the OSPF process?

A. Specific addresses cannot be selected for importation into the OSPF process.

B. Specific addresses can be selected using an ACL.

C. Specific addresses can be selected using a route map.

D. Specific addresses can be selected using a prefix list.

Answer: A

Explanation: BGP.pdf (slide 20, 3rd bullet)

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