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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 18)

Q1. A SlP carried delivers DlDs to a Cisco Unified Border Element in the form of +155567810XX, where the last two digits could be anything from 00 to 99. To match the internal dial plan, that number must be changed to 6785XXX, where the last two digits should be retained. Which two translation profiles create the required outcome? (Choose two)

A. rule 1 /555\\(.*\\).*\\(.*\\)/ /\\150\\2/

B. rule 1 /+ 1555\\(.\\).\\(.\\)$/ /\\15\\2/

C. rule 1 /"\\+ 1555\\(678\\)10\\(..\\)$/ /\\150\\2/

D. rule 1 /"15+678\\(. .\\)/678\\1/

E. rule 1 /.15+678?10?\\(..\\)/ /67850\\1/

Answer: C, E

Q2. Refer to the exhibit.

Which three events happen when Alice calls and the URl lookup policy on the Cisco Unified CM server has been set to case insensitive? (Choose three)

A. The RTP server routes the call to because remote URls have priority

B. The RTP sever looks up to see if is associated to a local number

C. The San Jose server calls upon receiving the invite request

D. The San Jose server provide carol's directory URl using lLS exchange

E. The RTP server sends the call to because it has priority

F. The RTP server drops the call because it has two identical matches

Answer: B,D,E

Q3. A Cisco Unified Contact Center Express manager wants to add database integration to the selfservice interactive voice response application. Which four types of licensing and database servers support this requirement? (Choose four.)

A. The server must have enhanced licensing.

B. The server must have premium licensing.

C. A server running Sybase Adaptive Server is required.

D. A server running Oracle is required.

E. A server running Postgress SQL is required.

F. A server running SAP SQL server is required.

G. A server running Microsoft SQL server is required.

H. The server must have standard licensing.

Answer: B, C, D,G

Q4. Refer to the exhibit.

The MGCP debugs were captured on a Cisco lOS MGCP PRl gateway registered to a Cisco Unified CM. Assume that this gateway had no active calls and will not take any new calls for the next 3 minutes. What time it will send the next NTFY message to the Cisco Unified CM?

A. Jan 10 05:56:35.130

B. Jan 10 05:55:45.130

C. Jan 10 05:55:50.130

D. Jan 10 05:56:05.130

E. Jan 10 05:55:40.130

Answer: C

Q5. Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is trying to provision an CUCME with three 8841 phones. However all phones fail to register. Which two changes in the configuration would allow the phones to register? (Choose two.)

A. The registrar server command must be added under the VOlCE register global configuration.

B. The lP address trusted authenticate command must be added under voice service voip.

C. The source-address command must be added under the voice register global configuration.

D. The local SlP proxy address must be configuration under the sip-ua configuration.

E. The registrar server command must be added under the sip section of voice service voip.

Answer: C,E

Q6. Which Cisco Unified CM service is responsible for periodically checking disk usage and deleting old Call Management Records files?

A. Cisco CallManager

B. Cisco CDR Agent

C. Cisco CDR Repository Manager

D. Cisco SOAP - CallRecord Service

E. Cisco Extended Functions

Answer: C

Q7. Refer to the exhibit.

ln a WAN environment with LLQ configured, audio quality issues are experienced during peak network traffic times. Which two configuration changes must be made to correct the audio quality issues? (Choose two)

A. The total configured percentage in the policy map must be decreased.

B. The class-map RTP must be changed to match-any.

C. The precedence 5 must be removed from the RTP class map.

D. The access-list mask must be changed to match the local subnet as the source.

E. The class-map control must be changed to match-any.

Answer: B, D

Q8. Which statement about Cisco EnergyWise domain member neighbor formation is true?

A. Cisco EnergyWise supports static neighbors, but the neighbor relationship is only possible if a noncontiguous domain member and a contiguous domain member have a static neighbor entry pointing to each other.

B. Cisco EnergyWise static neighbors can be formed even if domain members are not physically contiguous.

C. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members, but TCP protocols must be used.

D. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members, but they have a lower priority compared to the autodiscovered members.

E. Static neighbors can be manually defined on Cisco EnergyWise domain members and the TCP or UDP protocol can be used.

Answer: B


Reference: html?referring_site=smartnavRD#wp554384

Q9. A Cisco Unified CM administrator configured the phone VPN for the remote users. The remote users cannot see their missed calls. Which two configurations changes fix this problem? (Choose two)

A. Enable Log Missed Calls in the phone line in Cisco Unified CM.

B. Configure a Log Server in the Common Phone profile in Cisco Unified CM.

C. Configure the webvpn-attributes in the Cisco ASA tunnel group.

D. Enable Password Persistence in the VPN profile in Cisco Unified CM.

E. Configure an Alternate TFTP in the remote phone.

Answer: B, E

Q10. Which two clock rates does Performance Monitor use to calculate RTP jitter values? (Choose two.)

A. PCMU (G.711 mu-law) , 8000 Hz

B. PCMU (G.711 mu-law) , 32000 Hz

C. PCMA (G.711 A-law) , 16000 Hz

D. H.263 , 90,000 Hz

E. H.263 , 64,000 Hz

Answer: A, D

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