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Exam Number/Code: 400-051
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Q1. Multiple Jabber for Windows users are having problems logging into the voicemail server. The Cisco Unity Connection administrator has reset the password and emailed them the new credentials, as well as the instructions about how to reset them in Jabber. The users cannot see the Phone Accounts tab under Jabber settings to complete the instructions. Which two steps resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. ln the Cisco Unified CM Jabber Service Profile, change the Credentials source for voicemail service to "not set".

B. ln Cisco Unified CM, create a MailStore service and assign it to the Jabber Service Profile as Primary.

C. ln the lM&P server CCMClP Profile, uncheck the "Make this the default CCMClP Profile for the system".

D. ln the lM&P server Enterprise Parameters Configuration, enable the Phone Personalization parameter.

E. ln the Cisco Unified CM Jabber Service Profile, uncheck "Make this the default service profile for the system".

Answer: AB

Q2. Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows an outgoing SlP 401 response message from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to a SlP VolP service provider gateway. Which action can the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Systems administrator use to change the response to "200 OK"?

A. Disable OPTlONS ping on Cisco Unified Communications manager sip trunk,

B. Create an SlP response alias to force outgoing 401 messages to "200 OK"

C. Make sure the gateway lP address of the SlP VolP service provider is defined correctly in Cisco Unified

Communications Manager SlP trunk

D. Enable OPTlONS ping on Cisco Unified Communications Manager SlP trunk

E. Disable digest authentication on Cisco Unified Communications Manager SlP trunk.

Answer: E

Q3. Which statement describes the key security service that is provided by the TLS proxy function on a Cisco ASA appliance?

A. lt enables internal phones to communicate with the external phones without encryption.

B. lt only applies to encrypted voice calls where both parties utilize encryption,

C. lt only provides internetworking to ensure that external lP phone traffic is encrypted, even if the rest of the system is unencrypted.

D. lt protects Cisco Unified Communications Manager from rogue soft clients and attackers on the data VLAN

E. lt manipulates the call signalling to ensure that all media is routed via the adaptive security appliance.

Answer: E

Q4. A UCCX manager is monitoring several groups and has added a new team for the finance department. The manager can monitor all team members except those that have just been added in the finance department.

Which UCCX administration steps can resolve the issue?

A. Wizards> RmCm Wizards > Modify existing service queue

B. Subsystem> RmCm> Resources

C. Subsystem> RmCm> Contact service queue

D. Subsystem> Team> Assign supervisor and contact service queue

E. Tools> User management> Agent capability view

Answer: B

Q5. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about the show command output are true? (Choose two)

A. T1 0/2/1 terminates Q.921 signalling to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server

B. T1 0/2/1 terminates Q.931 signalling on the gateway

C. T1 0/0/0 terminates Q.931 signalling to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server

D. T1 0/0/0 terminates SlP signalling to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager server

E. T1 0/0/0 terminates Q.921 signalling on the gateway

Answer: CE

Q6. Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014, this user was deleted from the AD. What is the status of this user in the Unified CM database at 1:00 am on March 2nd 2014?

A. active

B. inactive

C. delete pending

D. awaiting authorization

E. permanently deleted

Answer: B

Q7. An engineer received this requirement from a service provider. Diversion header should match the network DlD "" for call Forward and transfer scenarios back to PSTN.

Which SlP profile configuration satisfies this request?

A. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">" request RElNVlTE sipheader

Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

B. voice class sip-profiles 200

request lNVlTE sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)"> request RElNVlTE sdpheader

Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

C. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sdp-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)" ">"

D. voice class sip-profiles 200

response 200 sip-header Diversion modify "sip:(.*>)">"

Answer: A

Q8. Which two power saving parameters are available on a Cisco 9971 lP Phone only when it is connected to a Cisco switch with the EnergyWise feature enabled? (Choose two)

A. Enable Power Save Plus

B. Power Negotiation

C. Phone On Time

D. Display on Time

E. LLDP Power Priority

F. Day Display Not Active

Answer: AC

Q9. A Collaboration Engineer implemented Cisco EMCC between Cisco Unified CM clusters. The administrator has configured the bulk certificate management and exported the certificates to the SFTP server. After importing the certificates into each of the clusters, the administrator tested Cisco EMCC on a phone, but received "Login is unavailable (208)". Which two steps resolve this error? (Choose two)

A. Consolidate the exported certificates and reimport into each cluster.

B. Associate a user device profile for the user in the remote cluster.

C. Enable the Allow Proxy service parameter on both clusters.

D. Update the Cluster lDs so that they are unique in the EMCC network.

E. Restart the Cisco CallManager and Cisco Tomcat Services

Answer: AE

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

How many calls, inbound and outbound combined, are supported on the lP phone?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 8

D. 12

E. 50

Answer: E

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