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Exam Number/Code: 400-101
Exam name: CCIE Routing and Switching (v5.0)
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Cisco Certification

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Q6. Which IPv6 tunneling mechanism requires a service provider to nude one of its own native IPv6 blocks to guarantee that its IPv6 hosts will be reachable?

A. 6rd tunneling

B. Automatic 6to4 tunneling

C. manual ipv6ip tunneling

D. NAT-PT tunneling

E. Automatic 4to6 tunneling

F. ISATAP tunneling

Answer: F

Q7. Which technology must be enabled on an interface before L2TPv3 can operate correctly?





Answer: C

Q8. Which two statements correctly describe MLD snooping? (Choose two.)

A. It is independent of IGMP snooping

B. It can be disabled globally and then enabled on individual VLANs

C. Global configurations override VLAN configurations

D. It can be enabled on VLANs 1 through 1001 only

E. VLAN query values override global values

Answer: D,E

Q9. You are backing up a server with a 1 Gbps link and a latency of 2 ms. Which two statements about the backup are true? (Choose two.)

A. The bandwidth delay product is 2 Mb.

B. The default TCP send window size is the limiting factor.

C. The default TCP receive window size is the limiting factor.

D. The bandwidth delay product is 500 Mb.

E. The bandwidth delay product is 50 Mb.

Answer: A,C

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

Routers A and B are the edge devices at two different sites such as shown.

'The two edge devices use public addresses on their WAN interfaces and the both sites use RFC

1918 for all other addresses. If routers A and B have established an IP sec tunnel, which statement

about the network environment must be true?

A. Router A1 and router 81 are using NAT translation to allow private-address traffic to traverse the tunnel.

B. Router A and router Bare using BGP to share routes between the two sites

C. The tunnel terminates on the ISP routes

D. Each site is capable of routing private addressing over the IPsec tunnel

Answer: D

Q11. Which two statements about NetFlow version 9 are true? (Choose two.)

A. It supports up to two exporters per cache

B. It supports both encryption and authentication

C. It supports up to six exporters per cache

D. It supports export over TCP and UDP

E. It supports export over UDP only

F. Each flow monitor supports up to 10 exporters

Answer: D,F

Q12. Refer to the exhibit.

Between which router is an LOP session established?

A. R1,R2and R3

B. R1 and R3

C. R1 andR2

D. R2andR3

Answer: C

Q13. Refer to the exhibit.

If R1 uses EIGRP to learn route from R2, which interface on R1 uses split horizon for route

A. Se0/0

B. Fa0/0

C. Se1/0

D. Fa0/1

Answer: B

Q14. Which QoS mechanism is used to implement CoPP?


B. rate limiting



Answer: D

Q15. Refer to the exhibit.

The route-map wan2site is being used for redistributing BGP routes into the eigrp 28 process Which option best describes the resulting redistribution of routes ?

A. policy routing matches 0 packets means that there are no matches and no routes are being redistributed

B. all routes are being redistributed with a metric and a tag

C. The denysequence 5 is preventing any routes from and a tag

D. a default routes is being redistributed with a metric and a tag

Answer: C

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