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Exam Number/Code: DEV-401
Exam name: Building Applications with and Visualforce
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Salesforce Certification

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What are the differences between lookup relationship and master-detail relationship?


    Explanation: In master-detail relationship if parent record is deleted, then all the associated child records get deleted. In lookup relationship if parent record is deleted, then all the associated child records are not deleted. In master-detail relationship each child record must compulsorily have a parent record. In lookup relationship child records can exist without having parent record. Roll-up summary field is available for master-detail relationship only.

    What are the 3 levels of access available through Organization-wide Defaults?


      Explanation: Public Read/write - View and edit all records Public Read Only - View all records Private - View only own records

      What is the difference between Apex Data Loader and Import Wizard as far as record loading is concerned?


        Explanation: Apex Data Loader, Loading of a record fails if even one column/field has invalid data in it. Import Wizard, Inconsistent behavior. Sometimes the field with invalid data is not loaded but the remaining record gets loaded as mentioned above when text value was provided in a field of type number but the field was not a compulsorily required field. The record loading fails if this field is made a compulsorily required field.

        NEW QUESTION 4
        Which of the following statements about setup audit trail are true? (Select all that apply.)

        • A. Tracks setup changes made by developers and administrators
        • B. Displays 20 most recent changes
        • C. Tracks only the date of change
        • D. Tracks changes to data in custom object records

        Answer: AB

        NEW QUESTION 5
        What does Field History Tracking do?


          Explanation: It tracks modification to any standard or custom field, whose history is set to be tracked in the object's history related list

          NEW QUESTION 6
          CORRECT TEXT
          Which are the 3 record access levels?


            Explanation: Read only, Read/write, Full access (this includes delete, change owner permissions)

            NEW QUESTION 7
            The Created Date field can be updated on a record using the Inserting System Fields feature.

            • A. True
            • B. False

            Answer: B

            NEW QUESTION 8
            CORRECT TEXT
            What can be done with Bulk API?


              Explanation: Load large amounts of data into the system

              NEW QUESTION 9
              What happens if 1 component of a change set fails to deploy?

              • A. Except the failed component, all other components of the change set get deployed
              • B. The entire change set gets deployed
              • C. The entire change set fails to deploy
              • D. The deployment time increases

              Answer: C

              NEW QUESTION 10
              While converting a lead

              • A. The update trigger of lead will fire
              • B. The delete trigger of lead will fire
              • C. Both update trigger & delete t rigger of lead will fire
              • D. Neither update trigger nor delete trigger of lead will fire

              Answer: D

              NEW QUESTION 11
              CORRECT TEXT
              What is a Quote Line Item?


                Explanation: 'Quote Line Items' is a related list on a quote. A quote can be treated for an opportunity. For adding a Quote Line Item to the 'Quote Li ne Items' related list, click on 'Add Line Item'. Then select any one price book. Then select any of the products available in that price book. Modify the prices if required and specify quantity for each product. A Line Item in the 'Quote Line Items' related list is nothing but a product from the Price Book selected for this Quote.

                NEW QUESTION 12
                CORRECT TEXT
                Which are the two types of auto-response rules?


                  Explanation: Lead auto-response rule, Case auto-response rule

                  NEW QUESTION 13
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  What are details of order of execution among validation rules, auto-response rules, assignment rules, triggers, escalation rules, workflow rules etc.?


                    Explanation: 1. System validation rules are executed like data type checking of the field values. So error for text value in numeric field etc. 2. Before triggers execute. 3. Custom validation rules are executed like required field check validation rule. So in the before trigger you can assign value to any such field which was left blank while creating the record & the custom validation rule won't give error then.

                    NEW QUESTION 14
                    Employees in an organization with Salesforce who do not have a Salesforce license can join Chatter.

                    • A. True
                    • B. False

                    Answer: A

                    NEW QUESTION 15
                    An Apex Sharing Reason cannot be created on a custom object with the label ‘Manual Sharing’ because the in-built standard sharing reason provided by Salesforce has the same label, so it would give error
                    “An Apex Sharing Reason with this name already exists”

                    • A. True
                    • B. False

                    Answer: B

                    NEW QUESTION 16
                    CORRECT TEXT
                    List the 3 Declarative Application building blocks of Business Logic.


                      Explanation: 1. Workflow
                      2. Validation Rules
                      3. Approval Processes

                      NEW QUESTION 17
                      CORRECT TEXT
                      Which Assignment Rule is available only if territory management is enabled?


                        Explanation: Account Assignment Rule

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