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Exam Number/Code: DEV-401
Exam name: Building Applications with and Visualforce
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Certification: Salesforce Certification

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Which is the order of execution among these? Escalation rule assignment rule trigger workflow rule validation rule auto-response rule?


    Explanation: validation rule trigger assignment rule auto-response rule workflow rule Escalation rule

    Which are the 6 Standard profiles?


      Explanation: Standard profiles:- System Administrator, Contract Manager, Solution Manager, Marketing User, Standard User, Read Only

      What can be done with Visualforce?


        Explanation: Create pages with custom look and feel

        NEW QUESTION 4
        Select the actions that can be associated with a workflow rule? (Select all that apply.)

        • A. Send an email
        • B. Send an outbound message
        • C. Create a record
        • D. Update a field
        • E. Create a task
        • F. Send an inbound message

        Answer: ABDE

        NEW QUESTION 5
        While creating a list view for opportunities if the filter chosen is “My Opportunity Teams” then this list view will list these opportunities:

        • A. Opportunities owned by that user even if that user is not a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities
        • B. Only those opportunities owned by that user in which he is also a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities
        • C. Opportunities owned by that user or any other user in which he is a member of the Opp

        Answer: C

        NEW QUESTION 6
        Building Business Processes Describe the VLOOKUP Formula Function.


          Explanation: The VLOOKUP function returns a value by looking up a related value in a custom object. This function checks against a key and returns a value from that key. Similar to the VLOOKUP () function in Microsoft Excel. For example, users can check the state and zip code entered in a record against a table of states and zip codes to ensure that the state and zip code match.

          NEW QUESTION 7
          CORRECT TEXT
          Up to how many custom fields in a standard or custom object can be marked as external id field?


            Explanation: Three

            NEW QUESTION 8
            CORRECT TEXT
            Describe Organization-wide Defaults


              Explanation: Used to define the most restrictive access level for all users in the organization for records not owned by them.

              NEW QUESTION 9
              CORRECT TEXT
              If a Custom Summary Field/Formula is created in a Custom Report, then which operations can be performed by this field on any of the fields of the primary object or related object?


                Explanation: Sum, Largest value, Smallest Value, Average

                NEW QUESTION 10
                CORRECT TEXT
                While creating an approval process and assigning the next approver using the hierarchy relationship field on user [Option’s exact name is “Automatically assign an approver using a standard or custom hierarchy field”], which is the standard user field available?


                  Explanation: Manager

                  NEW QUESTION 11
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  The sales team would like to include a Chatter feed about the record on the Contact page. What tool should you use?


                    Explanation: Page layout - the chatter field can be included by using the page layout without the need for a custom page.

                    NEW QUESTION 12
                    CORRECT TEXT
                    What is Connect Offline?


                      Explanation: Connect Offline is a client application that lets you access a subset of Salesforce records using the same browser-based interface as the online system but without an Internet connection.

                      NEW QUESTION 13
                      Which of the following statements are true? (Select all that apply.)

                      • A. The ISCHANGED function compares the value of a field with its previous value and returns TRUE if the values are differen
                      • B. If the values are the same, this function returnsFALSE.
                      • C. The ISNUMBER function determines if a text value is a number and returns TRUE if it is; otherwise, it returns FALSE.
                      • D. The ISNEW function compares a text field to a regular expression

                      Answer: AB

                      NEW QUESTION 14
                      CORRECT TEXT
                      For which objects is field history tracking available & for which is it not available?


                        Explanation: Field history tracking is available for
                        Account, Leads, Contact, Opportunity, Cases, Contract, Solution, custom objects. It is not available for
                        Activities, Campaign, Quotes, Product, Ideas, Asset, User

                        NEW QUESTION 15
                        CORRECT TEXT
                        What is cross object formula field?


                          Explanation: Cross object formula field helps to access field of parent from child in both master detail relationship & lookup relationship. It can be used in a formula field on child like CustomObject1 r.Details c where Details c is a text field on the parent object CustomObject1.

                          NEW QUESTION 16
                          CORRECT TEXT
                          What is the difference between account team role & contact roles?


                            Explanation: An account record can have an Account Team working on that account. Account team role decides what role any Account Team Member plays in that Account Team. ‘Account Team’ is a related list on any account record. ‘Contact Roles’ is also a related list on an account record which is distinct from the ‘Contacts’ related list. Any contact can be added to the ‘Contact Roles’ related list along with specifying what role that contact plays on that account.

                            NEW QUESTION 17
                            CORRECT TEXT
                            What is the difference between Export and Export All in Apex Data Loader?


                              Explanation: Deleted records are stored in Sales force for 45 days. In 'Export All' the deleted records also get exported. In ‘Export’ the deleted records do not get exported.

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