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Exam Number/Code: JN0-102
Exam name: Junos, Associate (JNCIA-Junos)
n questions with full explanations
Certification: Juniper Certification

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New Juniper JN0-102 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

New Questions 4

Which command will allow you to quickly determine the administrative status of all interfaces on a Junos device?

A. show interfaces status

B. show interfaces summary

C. show interfaces terse

D. show interfaces admin

Answer: C

New Questions 5

Which command causes the Junos OS temporarily activate a configuration?

A. commit check

B. commit synchronize

C. commit confirmed

D. commit and-quit

Answer: C

New Questions 6

After issuing the show interfaces terse command, you notice that the status of one interface is "up down". What does this indicate?

A. Layer 1 on the interface is up but Layer 2 is down.

B. Layer 2 on the interface is up but Layer 3 has not been configured.

C. The interface is administratively up but the link status is down.

D. The interface is up but has been administratively turned off.

Answer: C


The the administratively status is displayed in column 1, and the link status is displayed in column 2.


user@host> show interfaces terse t1* Interface Admin Link Proto Local Remote

t1-1/0/0 down up --- administratively disabled t1-1/0/0.0 up down inet

t1-1/0/1 up down --- physical layer down References: displaying.html

New Questions 7

Which command is a valid way to view the status of an interface?

A. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 extensive

B. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 status

C. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 health-info

D. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 verbose

Answer: A


You can get the information from "show interface <interface_name> extensive"


New Questions 8

Which two statements describe the default behavior for OSPF? (Chosoe two.)

A. OSPF imports all routes into the inet.0 routing table.

B. OSPF exports all static routes into the OSPF database.

C. OSPF does not export static routes into the OSPF database.

D. OSPF imports all routes into the inet4.0 routing table.

Answer: A,C

New Questions 9

What represents the binary equivalence of 96?

A. 11010100

B. 01100000

C. 11010000

D. 11101010

Answer: B

New Questions 10

What is the default export routing policy for RIP?

A. Accept all local routes.

B. Accept all RIP routes.

C. Accept no routes.

D. Accept all direct routes.

Answer: C

New Questions 11

What is the role of route preference?

A. It is used as a tiebreaker when the same prefix is available through multiple protocols.

B. It is used to determine the preferred path to a given destination.

C. It is used to select the best route between multiple equal-cost paths.

D. It is used to select which routing table to use for forwarding.

Answer: A


Alternate and Tiebreaker Preferences

The Junos OS provides support for alternate and tiebreaker preferences, and some of the routing protocols, including BGP and label switching, use these additional preferences. With these protocols, you can specify a primary route preference (by including the preference statement in the configuration), and a secondary preference that is used as a tiebreaker (by including the preference2 statement). You can also mark route preferences with additional route tiebreaker information by specifying a color and a tiebreaker color (by including the color and color2 statements in the configuration).

Note: The routing protocol process generally determines the active route by selecting the route with the lowest preference value.

The preference value is used to select routes to destinations in external autonomous systems (ASs) or routing domains; it has no effect on the selection of routes within an AS (that is, within an interior gateway protocol [IGP]). Routes within an AS are selected by the IGP and are based on that protocolu2019s metric or cost value.


New Questions 12

Which statement is true regarding the password-recovery process?

A. You must have a console connection.

B. You cannot set the console port to an insecure mode.

C. You must press the Enter key so that you can boot into single-user mode.

D. When prompted to enter the full pathname of the shell, you must press the Enter key.

Answer: A

New Questions 13

Which two firewall filter actions will affect a packetu2019s class-of-service settings? (Choose two.)

A. Forwarding-class

B. Scheduler

C. Queue

D. Loss-priority

Answer: A,D

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