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15 tips on How to 70-466 Test Like a Badass [31 to 45]

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Question No. 31 - (Topic 4) You are developing a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) tabular project. A model contains tables and columns that must not be visible to the user. The columns and tables cannot be removed because they are used in calculations. The calculations are used to calculate the budget and forecast for the current quarter. You need to hide the tables and columns. What should Read more >>

[Verified] 70-236 Microsoft free exam 97-112 (Mar 2016)

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Question No. 97You are employed as the exchange administrator at The network contains an Exchange 2007 Organization. You are responsible for managing the Exchange network for A server named S01 has the following roles installed in your Exchange Server 2007 environment: Client Access, Hub Transport and Mailbox. According to the company requirement, the Un Read more >>

Top 18 bootcamp 74-324 for IT professionals (Renew)

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Question No. 37 Your company has an Office 365 E3 subscription. An Office 365 user can no longer save Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel workbooks. You ascertain that Word and Excel are in read-only mode. You need to ensure that the user can save Word and Excel documents. What should you do? A. On the user's computer, uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office. B. On the user's c Read more >>

Mar 2016 updated: Actualtests Microsoft 70-686 exam 81-96

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Question No. 81Your companys client computers run Windows 7. Your companys network has a wireless access point (WAP). A user reports that he regularly loses connectivity to the WAP. You need to display information about client connectivity to the WAP. What should you do? A. Use Event Viewer to view events from a source of WlanConn. B. Use auditpol.exe to enable successful attempts in the Obje Read more >>

Avant-garde 70-686: Actualtests real discount pack from 17 to 32

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Question No. 17Your company has 1,000 client computers that run Windows XP Professional x64. You are planning to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise x64. The company uses an application that is incompatible with Windows 7 Enterprise x64. You have the following requirements: . Provide all users with access to the application. . Deploy and manage the application by using a centralized solution. You ne Read more >>

Mar 2016 updated: Pass4sure Microsoft 70-646Big5 latest exam 76-90

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Question No. 76 Testlet: Blue Yonder AirlinesYou need to recommend a strategy for recovering objects deleted from Active Directory that supports the planned changes.What should you include in the recommendation? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)BYA1 (exhibit):BYA2 (exhibit):BYA3 (exhibit):A. Active Directory Recycle BinB. Active Directory snapshotsC. nonauthoritative Read more >>

How to pass Microsoft 70-346 Real Exam in 24 Hours [practice question 49-64]

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Question No. 49Your company has 100 user mailboxes. The company purchases a subscription to Office 365 for professionals and small businesses. You need to enable the Litigation Hold feature for each mailbox. What should you do first? A. Purchase a subscription to Office 365 for midsize business and enterprises. B. Enable audit logging for all of the mailboxes. C. Modify the default retention p Read more >>